Autumn Mystery bag includes halloween & Bonfire

Autumn Mystery bag includes halloween & Bonfire

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Each mystery bag will contain

1 personalised Halloween product 🎃

1 personalised Bonfire night product 💥 

The rest of the mystery bag will be a mix of Autumn style items for example autumn colours, warmer styles of clothing 

Some mystery bags may not just contain clothing (no spoilers) 

Please put your child’s Name,and age in the comments box 

Please note these are pre order most of our products are handmade from scratch and personalised Halloween & Christmas  is the busiest time of the year for us so we aim to have all your mystery bags posted out for September .

Our vision 

we have created these mystery bags as something you would be able to use through out October to get fully in the spirit of Halloween 

if you have any questions about the mystery bags please do not hesitate to contact us.

please take into consideration that Halloween & xmas is super busy for us and although it seems early for our customers to be thinking of Halloween & Christmas it soon comes round. Please take advantage of buying anything Halloween or Christmas as early as possible to avoid disappoint we sell out every year or take in our max amount and some customers always miss out. This is our first year doing a Halloween & Christmas mystery bag and we only have a certain limit of bags we can handle  🎃 💥🤶